Our Story


Bug Labs, founded 2006, had one simple goal - bring the benefits of open source IP to the hardware world.


We launched our first modular hardware system, called BUG, at the CES show in 2008. Amazingly, we won “Best of Show”!


In 2010 we launched Swarm, the world’s first REST-based messaging platform for the Internet of Things.


Bug Labs’ list of enterprise customers grows to include some of the largest Fortune 100 corporations.


In 2014, Bug Labs launched its latest IoT software platforms, dweet™ and freeboard™.

Why Doing is Better.

The thing about products that are easy and rewarding to use: they encourage people to DO.

When exploring new areas like IoT, the process of actually rolling up the sleeves, building prototypes, failing a few times, and trying different directions affords the most impactful results. The software world knows this as the agile method of development—code, deploy, learn, recode, deploy, etc. It’s an iterative approach that is highly effective.

Bug Labs develops tools that make "doing" fast, easy and fun. And instead of having a fancy Powerpoint deck at the end of the effort, you have a real working system that can get used by actual customers with genuine feedback that can be incorporated back into the design quickly and efficiently.

Unique Perspective

We not only develop and sell the industry’s most innovative M2M/IoT software, we use it everyday to build enterprise solutions for our customers. This integrated approach helps us understand how to solve complex M2M and IoT business challenges. As a result, our customers benefit from technical solutions that address real business problems quickly and reliabily.

Bug Labs is unique.

Core values

Bug Labs’ products and services are grounded in the philosophy and ethos of the open source software and hardware movements. Our commitment to openness places Bug Labs’ clients at the forefront of technological innovation and in the middle of a rich community of software and hardware innovators around the world.