Senior Product Manager

New York, NY -

About Bug Labs

Bug Labs is an exciting, award-winning NYC startup building the “operating system” for the emerging Internet of Things. Founded by open source hardware visionary Peter Semmelhack, Bug’s innovative software platform abstracts the functional capabilities of any connected device (mobile phone, automobile, industrial sensor, microcontroller, whatever) and exposes them as a standard, well documented collection of web services (APIs). Developers or even non-technical innovators can then easily use these services to build compelling web and mobile applications that would have been impossible before.

About the Job

Bug is currently working with entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes in the space, from Comcast to Ford, from Columbia University to “three-guys-in-Switzerland” to create exciting innovations. Now Bug needs a great product person to match its platform technology with the emerging needs of innovators in a number of growing vertical markets. If you are this person, you’ll be in the field, meeting prospects, actively gathering requirements. You will help define a compelling product vision and strategy, and work directly with world-class engineers to execute it. You’ll make hard choices about product features and markets as you hone Bug’s products to optimize fit, and communicate your decisions clearly to your colleagues at Bug. As such, your verbal and written communication skills are critically important.

What You’ll Do

You will report directly to the founder & CEO and work closely with the development team. You’ll bridge technical and business ideas as you design technologies with engineers and then zoom out and architect strategies to test assumptions in the market segments you’ve identified. You’ll analyze, position, package, and tailor Bug’s solutions for each market opportunity. Your bias for action and ability to break complex problems into steps that drive product development at high speed will make you a success at Bug Labs.

Your Experience

  • At least 5 years of experience in developing and launching great products
  • A passion for the emerging Internet of Things and its possibilities
  • BS/MS in computer science or a related technical field. While you won’t be writing code, understanding technical constraints and tradeoffs is critical. Familiarity with Node.js, Javascript, Python and other popular web development tools/languages, and operating systems including Linux, Android and iOS
  • Familiarity with and understanding of microcontrollers, their function and use.
  • Excellent ability to evaluate market opportunities.
  • Demonstrated experience executing large-scale projects and fast product iterations.
  • Excellent organizational and analytical skills.


If you are interested in applying for one of our open positions, send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with the job title in the subject line. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and work in compliance with the ADA. You must be eligible to work in the US. We look forward to hearing from you!

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