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Jul 31, 2013 · Popular Mechanics

Code Monkeys, not Grease Monkeys, are the future of car modification

Ford's Zac Nelson created a shift knob that vibrates at the ideal moment to change gears, using the OpenXC platform.  Released to the public at the Consumer Electronics Show this past January, OpenXC is Ford's way of luring Silicon Valley into the automotive sphere. "There's a lot of people who can write apps, what OpenXC does is open up cars to people who want to do pure software work."

Bug Labs, Inc. jointly developed the OpenXC platform with Ford.

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Aug 22, 2012 · Best Free Android Apps Blog

Ford OpenXC tech platform for cars

OpenXC – an open-source connectivity research system developed by Ford and New York City-based Bug Labs – employs a small hardware component installed in the automobile that reads and translates data from the on board network. That information then is accessible for use in Android applications. With it, developers will be able to devise applications allowing drivers to send emails, get directions and who-knows-what other tasks without taking his or her eyes off the road.

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Jul 5, 2012 · HCL Tech

HCL Apps on Ford’s car development platform OpenXC

HCL, has developed two applications "Late Arrival Notification" and "Safe arrival notification". The app will allow driver to provide selected personal contacts, whom he wants to notify while he is getting late or reaches safely at a destination. By monitoring location and speed information from the vehicle through OpenXC interface, the app can determine if driver is running late for a meeting and then send an e-mail or text message notification to other attendees automatically. Similarly app will notify the driver's family following a safe arrival after a road trip.

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Jun 20, 2012 · Slashdot

Ford Exploring Big Data, Open Source Tech with New Silicon Valley Lab

Ford has opened a laboratory in Silicon Valley with the stated aim of exploring “big data, open-source innovation and user experience.” The opening of the Ford Silicon Valley Lab (SVL) seems an offshoot of the car industry’s enthusiasm for embedding sensors in multiple automobile systems. Millions of sensors’ worth of information provide companies such as Ford with the data necessary to make vehicles safer and more efficient. That’s a significant opportunity, but any organization on the receiving end of that sort of data flood also needs the facilities and tools to analyze it for valuable insights. In addition to improving individual vehicles, Ford seems to believe that aggregated data from multiple car sensors can help solve more society-level issues such as traffic congestion. By placing the lab in Silicon Valley, the company is obviously hoping to leverage the expertise of nearby tech companies. (Ford has set up a Silicon Valley Lab Website, but it remains bare except for some brief explanatory text and some very pretty pictures of couches and steering wheels.) Ford seemed a little vague about SVL’s open-source plans. “Viewing the car as a platform and providing access to real-time data allows for the rapid development of custom hardware and software applications,” read a press release issued June 18. “Now the Silicon Valley Lab is looking at open-source development using the research platform OpenXC developed with Bug Labs.”

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